Sunday, November 11, 2012

That's How My Kids Play

I wrote here about how my kids love of mixing toys sets off my OCD tendencies. I was picking up toys a few days ago, putting sets back together and such, when I happened on this happy scene. I called Pippi over to explain the action.

The kitten with the pink Polly Pocket skirt on her head? Well, a party hat, of course. It's kitty Mocha's birthday, and all her friends are invited. Lilly, Chester, and Wilson (from the Lily books by Kevin Henkes. Please tell me you've read those.) And Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny are also in attendance. And the fish/rocks? Well silly, that's dinner. Astrid (not in the picture) took her catapult out to the river and knocked the fish dead on the head, and fried them up for the birthday feast.

Then after frying up the fish, Astrid got in her fire truck and drove down to the toy store to buy Mocha's gifts. These are her gifts scattered about Mocha's playroom. And yes, they all live at the local fire station.

And my Tommy? He's happy as long as he gets to "bang them all dead."

And for those of you curious about the wooden character toys, read this.

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